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Auditing Service

Auditing services includes statutory audit and non-statutory audit.

Statutory Auditing
According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Sec. 122, the annual financial statements of Hong Kong limited company should be audited by Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (Practising), for the purpose of presenting for shareholders’ review in annual general meeting.
Apart from that, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department also requires the Hong Kong Limited company to submit the profits tax return with the audited financial statements for the purpose of tax assessment.
Statutory Auditing is conducted in accordance with Hong Kong Standards on Auditing issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Companies Ordinances. During the audit, the experienced accountant should understand the client’s industry, business operation, management structure and risks management, could discover the potential management and operational problems and could provide professional solutions to the clients.
Certified Public Accountants form their independent opinion upon the true and fair presentatin of the financial statements and help the directors of the company to comply with the relevant Companies Ordinances and fulfill their duties.
Non-Statutory Auditing (Special Auditing)
According to the clients’ unique demand and situation, we will provide the special audit as follows:
  • audit the accounts of proprietorship and partnership;
  • evaluate the strength and weakness of the company’s internal operation, control system and stock-taking system;
  • prepare due diligent report for merger and acquisition;
  • revaluation for assets value and operational efficiency;
  • investigation for fraud.