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Registration of B.V.I. Limited Company

The advantages of B.V.I. Limited Company

  • the personal particulars of shareholders and directors need not to be disclosed to general public;
  • no local tax demanded for carrying business operations outside B.V.I.;
  • no exchange control;
  • no requirement for reporting profits and financial situations to the B.V.I. Government;
  • no requirement for meeting of shareholders and board of directors annually;
  • no requirement for applying Business Registration License, Annual Return, Profits Tax Return and Statutory Audit if the company does not carry business in Hong Kong.

The Structure of B.V.I. Limited Company
The basic structure of B.V.I. Limited Company comprises at least 1 shareholder and 1 director. Sole director and shareholder is also acceptable.

Requirement of Registration

  1. All shareholder(s) / director(s) should be of age over 18, and hold a valid identity card or passport (no restriction on nationality);
  2. For corporate director / shareholder, a copy of business registration license and identity card or passport and address proof of the director of the corporation shall be provided. 
Ways of Registration
We provide different ways of registration: setting up of limited company and purchase of ready-made limited company.
For setting  up of B.V.I. Limited Company : use designated company name, requires about 10-15 working days. Please click here for more details.
For purchase of Ready-Made B.V.I. Limited Company : requires about 2-3 working days. Please click here for more details.
** B.V.I. Limited Company has no Chinese name. It requires additional fee and 20 working days if client would like to add the Chinese name for identification purpose.